Monday, May 19, 2008

Seo Gung Korean Restaurant BBQ, SS2 @ PJ

When one wants to eat meat, but not feel too 'guilty' about it, there's only one choice ... b Healthy grilled meats :-)
Add: 21M - 23M , Jalan SS 2/67, PJ
Tel: +603 7875 8868
Open: 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Korean starters ... slurp slurp. Declined on the kimchi but we took most of everything else, the fish-cake and the to-fu was especially good with the lettuce (topped with some minced bean / tauchu-style sauce).

This restaurant always surprises us with complimentary stuff, this time it was some fried fish. But we declined, there was too much food already (Check out the fangs on this little fish!).

BBQ - Pork / Samyeop Sal (RM$25)
BBQ - Pork/ Doeji Galbi (RM$28)
This was average, not too tasty ...

And this was much better! Deeper marination, yummy.

Bulgogi D Baegi (RM$20) - My favourite Korean dish, but I think the one at Arisu may be better! Review of Arisu at Riana Green in Tropicana's Bulgogi - Drooool!
Pajeon / Spring Onion Omellette (RM$25)

Green tea (RM$2), Fresh and very yummy Pineapple Juice (RM$6) and 100-Plus (RM$4). Decent value with the total (with tax and service charge) at RM$128.80 (nice number!).

Ps. Perhaps it was our taste-buds being slightly desensitized by the Nasi Lemak at Village Park, but the food just didn't seem as yummy as before! Visit to Seo Gung back in November 2007

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