Friday, May 30, 2008

Nasi Lemak Tanglin, near Lake Gardens @ KL

Saturday mornings are special ... its time to go hunting for obscure eating places! Early one Saturday morning, it was time to take a drive into KL, near Bukit Aman / Lake Gardens.

Add: Stall Number 6, Kompleks Makan Tanglin @ Jalan Cendarasari, KL
Directions: From Jalan Parlimen, turn right into Lake Gardens.
Follow the signboard to Taman Rama Rama (Butterfly Park).
When you see the Park on your right, turn right into Jalan Cendarasari.

I was surprised by the length of the queue, which moved along quite briskly, as the helpers at Nasi Lemak Tanglin were obviously very well experienced and trained in hurrying people along in a friendly manner, asking what lauk was required ... choices included egg with sambal, fried or boiled, different meats including chicken, beef, fish, squid (sotong) as well as 'spare parts' such as paru (lung!), etc.

Perhaps they also do banquetting, I noticed a van at the rear, which also houses a tent with another 20 or so tables!

It was finally my turn ... slurrrrrp! That's BERGEDIL the guy is picking up for me, which is like a vegetarian patty. So delicious!

What does RM$13 buy you in Malaysia these days?
Two plates of some of the FINEST nasi lemak anywhere ... :-) Delicious rice, excellent (and not so spicy, but also not overly sweet) sambal, and beautiful lauk - chicken, beef, and sotong too!

The other plate ...

Only downside of the meal? The weak and bland drinks ... the Teh Ais and Milo kosong were both poor.


mimid3vils said...

my boss tapau for me b4, not bad...vaguely remember it's a bit spicy

Nana Syafiqa said...

That's my aunt stall (: Thanks for the compliment (:

Will keep her noted on the drink. But you really should try the Fresh Ice Lemon Tea, "Teh Ais Limau"!

Anonymous said...

urm.. is this "halal"..i got email that said nasi lemalk tanglin is not halal..

Julian Si said...

I checked various sources including , and as far as I am aware ... it is Halal.

Have fun eating :-)