Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RHB has a new logo

As I was driving pass SS2, in PJ, I noticed RHB Bank has a new 'funkier' logo.
More like a font change, me thinks?

The Star Wednesday May 7, 2008
RHB to unveil new group logo today
KUALA LUMPUR: The RHB banking group, controlled by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), is expected to unveil its new logo at a ceremony attended by Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop today.
EPF chief executive officer Datuk Azlan Zainol, who is also chairman of RHB Bank Bhd, will deliver his speech at the event and is expected to hold a press conference after that.
Yesterday, RHB Investment Management Sdn Bhd (RHBIM), the group's fund management arm, launched its first commodity investment fund.
RHBIM is the merged entity of RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd and RHB Unit Trust Bhd.


Anonymous said...

think its looks a bit cartoon-y, like something out of PowderPuff Girls. Leaves to be seen if anything else besides the font will change with this GLC.

Anonymous said...

The word RHB look funky and bigger where as the Bank look formal but smaller…. Designed by a non-professional designer perhaps… look disgusting…

Anonymous said...

Got the same feeling, when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Nobody with the right mind would buy such a logo change as a rebranding exercise. You and I know very well what transpired from such an exercise. Why bother to change logo when Business are good? when business are bad ,by merely changing of its logo.(hiding behind marketing jargon"rebranding") which cost a bomb .will it helps ? according to my dictionary rebrand = to take an improved product, rename it and market it as new( copy and paste,verbetim)does the action complied to the meaning. This is how public listed GLC are run. and guess what. who has the controlling stake. check it out . you and I are screwed. unless you are not a contributor.