Monday, May 19, 2008

Village Park Nasi Lemak, Damansara Uptown @ PJ

H's choice at Village Park, in Damansara Uptown ... Nasi Lemak with Rendang Beef and Curry Chicken. RM$9.60. Yummy, and truly divine!

Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (deeeeeeeeeeelicious!) and Curry Veges too. RM$7.50.

Ah hah ... a weakness of Village Park (finally! they are so good at so many things!!) ... the Soya Cincau. RM$2.20. Eeeeeep, the soya milk isn't very soya-ey, not very tasty.

The Kaya Toast is EXCELLENT, it is of the thinner and crispier variety. Great stuff! Only RM$1.90.

Ps. Seems Village Park has introduced a 'After 3pm' menu now... check this out.

Ps. Highly unlikely as this place is so popular, but just in case you need directions, here you go ...
Add: 5 Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, PJ
Tel: +603 7710 7860


Anonymous said...

Was at Village Park today afternoon around 1.30pm, a very bad experience and end up with order nothing and left. My friends like to go there, and I was there few times already, the nasi lemak is so so only.

Today again, I arrived earlier than my friends, sit a table far away from the counter(alongs the corridor), the table was messy, so I stand and wait, then a waiter come and clean it. And he told me that he bring over the menu to me, because received a call from customer ask me to check an urgent mail sent by her, so I open up my LAPTOP with my Celcom Broadband to download that mail. During the time I see the waiter walk towards me with the menu, but suddenly he turn back into the shops...I feel weird, but thought that maybe he forgot something else, so I continue downloading my mail. After I done download my mail, I start realize that I sitting there around 10mins, menu still not coming. I also notice that there's an empty table just in front of the main entrance, so I decided to shut down my laptop and walk over to the table. Because it takes time to shut down the laptop, so I carrying it on my hand and walk towards, see an Old Man carrying a cleaning cloth towards the table and want to clean it for me, but suddenly he stared at my laptop, show me two hands and bad face, then walk away from the table and stand beside. I suddenly 'HANG' for few seconds, and remembered that my friend told me this place not allow to use LAPTOP. So I keep my laptop and stand up, then that uncle suddenly sit at my place and seems like want to sack me out from the place. That uncle(heard that is the owner) really too rude, he may have his own rules, but I didn't use his electricity or wifi, and never disturb his do business because I only use for few minutes. He might be right for providing himself a good business turnover but definitely very wrong due to his bad bad attitued. I will ban this place for my life time.
This shop information should be removed from all the Malaysia internet sites or blogs because it may misleading some tourist come to the place, and what if they treat the tourist who bring good income to Malaysia market ?

Aki said...

Went to this restaurant during last weekend (10th July 2010 – about 9 am), and had a very bad experience with the boss of this Village Park restaurant. The chinese lady boss drove in to the parking space where they put all the tables and chairs, almost hit my companion. When I told her nicely that she should’ve asked the staffs to inform earlier instead of just driving in immediately without warning. The lady boss shouted at me and the conversations are roughly like following:

me: Boss, just now u drove in ur car suddenly almost hit my fren. Actually next time you can ask your staff to inform us to move earlier.
lady boss: what? isn’t your fren alright now?
me : yes, he is alright but your car almost hit him.
male boss came out from the restaurant: (in loud voice) FUCK!! WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW ???

me : I dun want anything, I’m just trying to ask you to inform earlier. Why are you shouting, is this how you treat your customers?
lady boss: I treat ALL my customers with “respect”
me : I dun wan to argue with u, u can continue to do anything u like, this will be my last visit here
lady boss: GO AWAY
her husband with little misai follows and shouted : GOoo AWAY !!

Both of the husband and wife boss kept scolding and shouting which I couldn’t hear what they said. But definitely not good things.

Then I was angry now, and then just went to pay at the counter.
me : Don’t add in the service tax, there is no service at all.
lady boss (with loud voice) : sure

I paid the amout and wanted to leave
male boss (pointing outside) : wah, eat so little only, dont come again!
lady boss added: yea, you don’t come we still have a lot of other customers.

when they said this, all the customers in the restaurant were shocked too.

The above is a true incident that happened. And many other customers were there to witnessed this. I’m not sure about you all, but after this I have told my family and friends that we decided to boycott this uptown Village Park nasi lemak despite how nice it is.

Anonymous said...

I really dun like this kind of service, they din care 1 customer also sure die, i tell 10 , 10 tell 100, 100 tell 1000.....sure die liao!!!!
Just like what we always say....
" Friend also end with end...
" Forgot also end with must got...
" Forever also will 'o'ver.... bad so ever the food is nice also will sponse our mood, no need to forgive this kind of restorant, not only they have this kind of food, other place also have a lot....cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

All the above comments are utter bullshit. Thrs a sign clearly stating no laptops allowed. Its their shop..their are there to eat and leave. So shut up.