Sunday, May 25, 2008

Little Vietnam @ Mid Valley Megamall

Add: 3rd floor, near to GSC Cinema @ Mid Valley Megamall

Yum yum ... simple lunch straight after Indy Jones, with Rich and his family, Michy, Alex and co. Thanks for the treat, bro :-)

Home Made Beef Tendon Balls (RM8.00)
Beef Slices (RM9.90)
Beef Tendon Balls And Slices (RM11.00)

Chicken Mince Soup Rice (RM6.90) (with beef balls x 3 added)

Home Made Beef Tendon Balls (RM8.00) - Sigh, rather tasteless!

Stir Fried Lemongrass Beef Rice Bowl (RM9.90) - Delicious! Best dish I reckon. Full of flavour!

Vietnamese Coffee - Strong! Wait for the coffee to seep through the Stainless Steel strainer right before your eyes :-) Takes about ... yawwwwn ... 5 minutes.

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