Sunday, May 11, 2008

Noodle dinner near Metropark Hotel, Macau

Just round the corner from our Metropark Hotel Macau (Rua de Pequim, No. 199, Macau), was this little eatery ... Seems the shop name implies that it is a branch of Din Tai Fung. Tsk tsk... how blattant that it was not! Haha :-) Pity the food was no where close to the standard of DTF as well!

Only good dish in the house! Taiwan-style Minced Pork with Rice. Yummy!

Shanghai-style Cha Chiang Mien. Duh ... Poor noodles, and pure MSG!

Other dishes which don't even deserve a mention ... :-(

Thanks to Jackbro for the treat ... but alas, not the finest of meals! Here's the view that greeted us as we walked out ... Macau by night is cool!

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