Sunday, May 11, 2008

BMW E92 325i Coupe @ Macau

Ah ... Land of hot cars, Macau and HK! Saw this beauty outside our Metropark hotel.
Wikipedia describes the BMW 3 series Coupé (E92)
The two-door coupé model of the 3-Series became available in August 2006.
It is also the first BMW coupé offered with xDrive. All E92s also come standard with Xenon HID headlights and "retractable seatbelt helpers" that extend from the B pillar to hand you the seatbelt when the key fob is in the ignition and the door is closed.
Interestingly enough, the coupé is longer and narrower than its E90 counterpart. The E92 comes with 320i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335i, 335xi, 320d, 325d, 330d, 335d and 330xd models (availability of certain models depends on region; diesels not available to the US market until 2008).

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