Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yuen Garden Tim Sum, Puchong - Great find!

Sunday morning breakies is a sacred time for this Blogger ... Always an element of pressure in picking an eatery worthy of this blog, that hopefully I had not previously visited! We knew we wanted Tim sum (Is that how one spells it, or is it Dim Sum?) ... and the decision making process started on Saturday night!
How about the evergreen Concorde Hotel's Xin? But I do like the exquisite nature of the tim sum dishes at Shanghai in the Marriott, Starhill? But I had tried both of them ... Hmm, perhaps the award winning Li Yen at Ritz Carlton in KL?
Sigh, each of the above don't open their doors to the public until 11am or 12noon at the earliest, and the thought of paying the + + + surcharges didn't work too much in their favour!

So ... Lianne's blog came to the rescue!
We met up with Jack who was visiting from Ipoh, and it was great that he too had a Tim Sum Craving this morning ... Look out for the IOI Mall at Puchong, across from the LDP, and you will find a packed eatery called Yuen Garden!
Add: Restoran Yuen Garden Dim Sum , Jalan Kenari 18 , Bandar Puchong Jaya , PUCHONG
Tel: +603 8076 3818

OK, a change from my usual wham bam style of blogging, and time to be philosophical!
Lianne was just discussing about her friend's blog and how 'he pondered on how does one classify a good dimsum. Well, upon reading that, I pondered myself but decided to drop a comment anyway and I said ... I guess you will know if the dimsum is good or not when you meet the right one'

For me, good tim sum is more technical ... it has to meet a few simple taste criterias!
1) Freshness (All! especially the prawn-y ones!)
2) Flakiness (The pastry ones, such as Woo Kok or Char Siew Soh)
3) Not starchy (For the ones with 'skins' eg Chee Cheong Fun and Har Kao)
AND, a good tim sum place WILL do the basic dishes VERY RIGHT ... Here are the ten dishes!

(1) Char Siew Soh - Good, but could be served warmer (This will be a recurring theme of this restaurant, perhaps it was simply cos' there were TOO many patrons!)

(2) Pei Tan Sau Yoke Porridge - Tasty!
(3) Chee Cheong Fun - Decent, but hardly hot enough!

(4) Char Siew Pao - The dissapointment :-(
(5) Woo Kok - Tasty, but should be piping hot!

(6) Siew Mai - Fresh pork and prawns, what a combo..
(7) Har Kao - Excellent! The prawns were just bursting out!
These two dishes was Yuen Garden's signature dishes, and it certainly lived up to its reputation, fresh, tasty and really excellent! I forgot for a second I was at a 'kopitiam' and was transported into the quality realms of Concorde Hotel and Westin!

(8) Steamed Pork Ribs 'Pai Kuat' - Not spectacular
(9) Steamed brinjal - Average

And no tim sum meal would be complete without ...
(10) Tarn Tat aka Egg Tart - Good!

The basic ten dishes were done well, generally very fresh, not 'porky' in smell, and delicious. Well done! Yes, I'll most certainly be back!

Other dishes ordered ...
(11) Hor Yip Fan (Lotus rice) - Poor
(12) Lor Mai Kai (Glutinous rice) - Yummy

(13) Yeong Lat Chew (Green - or you can have red - Chilli with fish insert) - Pretty decent
(14) Roll with Seaweed - Not bad
(15) Fried prawn dumpling with Mayo - Decent too!

As always, we had fun!

Price range: $2.50 - $4 per dish, and $1 for the Char Siew Paos.
We paid: $45 for the three of us, and we stuffed ourselves!


Imbi & Itchy said...

wah lao .. you guys feasting without me lehhhh .. almost tried every single item! damn jealous!

rokh said...

i certainly miss this place! used to go there for lunch when i was working that part, now i'm no more there :(

Julian Si said...

Imbi & Itchy - There's always next time! Let me know when u find the Next Big Timsum place :-)

rokh - Thanks for the feedback!

Julian Si said...
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"iron sumo chef" chris said...

(wet blanket alert!!!!)

JS - have you gone for your cholestrol test lately...

Syazalia said...

You should really try having dim sum at Quality Hotel, KL (Behind Pertama Complex) It's really good, and best of all, it's all you can eat buffet!!! The restaurant is called Mei San Szechuan Restaurant - 1st floor of Quality Hotel, it only cost about 24.50++ per person. TRY IT!!!!! You won't regret!!