Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Victoria Station - Steak dinner with Bunny @ Damansara Heights

Add: 11-17 Jalan Setiapuspa, Medan Damansara, KL
Tel: +603 2094 9406

Over the years, I had always wanted to try out Victoria Station, but succumbed to brand loyalty and 'I know its good, so I am going back' Jakes Charbroiled Steaks next door!
But Bunny ... oops, Jan, was in town ... so I thought we would give Victoria Station a go!

To start ... French Onion soup (Nice and thick, yummy!) , and Russian Borsch (Not so good, more like tomato soup, lacked uuumph!)

On to the mains ... bring on the steaks!
Prime Rib (Medium @ RM$43) : Too much sauce, was actually drowning in the stuff ... meat lacked texture.
Rib-eye (Medium-rare @ RM$43) : Juicy and rather good

Thanks for the lovely treat, great catching up as always!

ps - Some history from the Victoria Station website ...
"We started out well over a decade ago from Station Damansara, our first flag station. Not long later, came Station Ampang, Station USJ, Station PJ and up north to two stations in Penang - Station Bayan Baru and Station Seberang Jaya. We hope our extensions will bring us closer to you, making it more convenient for you to savor our servings. "


Christy said...

Victoria Station...I liked their Seafood platter (or Neptune) :D
I enjoyed myself on my first visit; treat by my boss!;)

Julian Si said...

Thanks for the follow up comment Christy, glad you enjoyed your meal. Perhaps I should have the SEAFOOD instead of the STEAKS, which were only moderate! I'd stick to JAKES!

I did like the attentive service though, even though it was rather mechanical ... especially the way the waiter 'pushed' the house wine and special Halal sparkling juice!

Happy Blogging!

nadia said...

Been going to Chilli's for NY Strip and prefer it better than the strip served at TGIF. For a steak alternative, which of the three should I try for:

Victoria Station
San Francisco
...or just stick to Chilli's

Julian Si said...

Hmmm, not had the NY Strip at Chilli's , gotta give it a go next time. Thanks for the tip.

VS is a REAL no-go!! San Fran I have not tried ...

BUT, JAKE's would take some beating! I think their steaks better even the ones at "famed" Prime @ Le Meridien. JAKE's is excellent ... do give it a go :-)