Saturday, January 26, 2008

Char Siew & Roast Duck @ Weng Kee, Section 17 in PJ

On the search for another Char Siew joint ... this one was recommended by our Jen ...
Weng Kee is located at the corner of Jalan 17/27, in PJ's Section 17.
Why is Section 17 a very special makan corner in PJ ? ...
Best Char Kuay Teow this side of Malaysia!
One of the best Tai-chows you'd find in town!

Duh ... interesting sight at the side of the kopitiam ... for all to see ... the 'sacs' used for the sausage or 'cheong'!

This is the cheong :-) which was yummy, as was the char-siew! A simple variant of char-siew, not overpoweringly sweet, but good. The gravy/sauce was yummy, cooked over a charcoal fire!

I wasn't overly impressed by the duck or accompanying veges...

The Char Siew is served in RM$4.50 portions (by weight), and it was tiny ... so we ordered a second round!
A little lesson from the restauranteur who was in her mid-70s ... Let you in on a little secret ... some of the most charred / burnt / chao-tah bits of the char-siew is ALSO the yummiest! Eat in moderation, and enjoy ;-)


boo_licious said...

They look sinfully good. I love the siu cheong here, one of the better places in town.

Julian Si said...

Thanks Masak2 :-) It is darn good!

"iron sumo chef" chris said...

have you had your anti-oxidant shots lately..?