Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fiery Kitchen, KL (Want some organic fish?)

Fiery Kitchen
Add: Gourmet Concepts Sdn Bhd
110 Jalan Pudu, Ground Floor & 1st Floor, KL.
Tel: +603 2026 9396
Found out from the propietor Brandon Tan, who hails from Singapore, that this eatery only opened about half a year ago ... nice menu of seafood and other comfort foods, prepared by a local chef.

Some exotic tea to start off... Serene Garden (RM$9.90),
and a cuppa Hot Lemon Honey (RM$2.90).

My favourite mains was the Tri Colour Steam Egg (RM$10 - pei tan, ham tan, and normal egg - perfectly steamed, tasty, and o' so smooth) ... The deep fried kailan leaves was a little bland (RM$12 - I prefer the one at Pantai Seafood Damansara )

Also tried the Special Ribs (RM$15) and Nestum Chicken ($15) - Both were good, nice and tasty. But I think I would prefer Nestum crumbs with prawns. Meal was reasonably priced at RM$73 for the two of us.

When we asked Brandon about his kitchen's influence, he said mainly Singaporean but generally anything around the region. This was reflected in the dishes which we enjoyed.
BUT, we didn't have his 'signature' Singapore Fish Head Steamboat ala Teo-chew. Gotta try that next time!

Then he told us about ...

Organic fish!
Singapore office - 52 Telok Blangah Road, #03-03 Telok Blangah House, Singapore
Tel: +65 6377 3087
Seems they have a fish farm, using the latest organic techniques, based out of Kuching, Sarawak. Using a humane technique to cull the fish, they are immediately gutted, and individually frozen packed. High-tech! This is a barramundi which he showed us ...

Will certainly be back for the Fish head Steamboat and Jade Perch next time round ...

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