Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cinta Ria @ DJ - Divers Den gang

Cinta Ria @ DJ
Add: 78 Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya
Tel: +603 7726 8981
Here's my previous write-up when I ate solo the night before !

After shopping at the Divers Den Annual sale, our Dive Gang ventured to Damansara Jaya for some dinner ...

I was so impressed with the service and quality of food, as well as the good value the night before, I had to re-visit Cinta Ria @ DJ! The restauranteur, Christine, had recommended the Caesar's Salad with home-made dressing (RM$8.90) the night before ... and it was WOW!

I was so busy scoffing down the salad that I didn't have a chance to re-take the photos of the Soup of the Day (Cream of Mushroom @ RM$3.90) - which was as exquisitely tasty and chunky as the night before!

Bring on the mains!...

Baked Lasagna (RM$9.90) - Surprisingly healthy with little oiliness which is normally associated with this dish, and tasty too!

Here's my NASI LEMAK (RM$5.90 only - bargain!) , which was also one of the recommended dishes by Christine. EXCELLENT! Flavoursome sambal and chicken curry, but not too 'heavy'. Real good!

Slightly dissapointing, the NZ Lamb Chop (at a surprisingly low price of RM$12.90), as this was a tad over-cooked... but still it was beautifully marinated with herbs.

I didn't try the Fish and Chips (RM$8.90) but it sure looked light and tasty!

Finally, Vincent's dish ... RM$11.90 of Grilled Chicken magic. As fantastic and succulent as the night before!

Christine was so kind to give us some ice-cream to wash down the meal ...

Satisfied customers!

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