Saturday, January 19, 2008

Divers Den - The Sale!

The Divers Den
No. 4 Jalan Universiti, PJ
Tel: +603 7960 7163

20th Jan (Sunday) - Today's the last day of the Den's annual sale, noticed a lot of Dive Comps (Suunto Stingers especially cheap cheap cheap!), BCDs, Fins et al ... on sale. And Sam picked up a great deal on a Canon G9 as well, with underwater housing WP-DC21.
Ask for A.B. or Sharon, friendly and knowledgable service.

After checking out the sale, we moved to the poolside, where we met Tim ...


Allison said...

hi im impress by the pics u took underwater actually. Can i know what camera model u used to take all those pic?

Julian Si said...

Canon G9, with a WP-DC21 Canon housing, complemented with one YS-110 strobe.

Thanks for the compliments!!

s.i.e.w. said...

hi, like your underwater pic a lot!
i'm in the midst of planning my trip for advance diving license. bought the ticket to redang in June. do you know any good instructors in redang island beside tim? thanks..

Julian Si said...

Redangkalong boasts 3 excellent instructors ... AB Lee, Sharon, and Tim too.


Julian Si said...

Thanks again for your nice comments :-)

Ps - Did my advance with Sharon, really good ... safety and fun rolled into one!

s.i.e.w. said...

thanks a lot for your instant reply julian.
i went to redang kalong once for my dive trip after taking open water. it was really fun too having tim and ah siang that time..
thought of trying out some other dive shop but since you gave such high commend on redang kalong.. i think i'll stick back to redang kalong:)
again.. really like those pic you took. NICE!