Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monterez Golf Club - First round of 2008!

Another round in Monterez, my favourite course (Short, but tight and narrow, and has some treacherously tricky greens) ... Special as this was my first round of '08!

Had the pleasure of Cheik, Gary and Jeanette's company ...

Hi Cheik!

Gary had reconstructed his swing... and it was good!

One of my fave shots for the day ...

Nearly finishing ... we were so tired ... VERY HOT through 14 holes, then it cooled down in the last 4.

Me! Proudly smiling after my Front 9 of 49 !

Shot 49 and 52 ... Decent 101 round.

Best memory of the round ... a PAR and then a BIRDIE ...
TM R580XD Driver banged the ball 180m,
then my Cleveland 6 iron flew it to the green and it stopped hmm, 140m I reckon ...
and then a 10 ft putt uphill ... My Nike TW1 stayed on the lip for 2 secs, just like Tiger did in the Masters ... and then it dropped! MAGIC! PURE MAGIC!

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