Saturday, January 26, 2008

Redline - A show about cars and not much else!

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I am on a roll this week ... my 2nd film!
Poor acting, terrible one-liners, but remarkably ... entertaining! Well, it would be if you were a car-buff like me ... Check out the Ford GT v Ferrari Enzo v Saleen S7 v Porsche GT sequence on the Final Race! AND ... the CCX v Enzo just before the closing credits is just as stunning. Reckless fun! The star of the show? These were the cars!

Funny quote? Check out the last line in the show ...
"Good cars get you from A to B fast ...
Great cars ... get you in trouble!"


Allison said...

haha..totally agree.the cars stole the movie..but don't forget nadia bjorlin..hehe

Julian Si said...

Who can forget Nadia!

Thank you for visiting my humble blog ... :-)