Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bar SaVanh Too, Mont Kiara

Bar SaVanh
Add: Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, KL
Tel: +603 7728 7866
I shall leave to explain what this place is about ...
"Replications of clubs are becoming a wearying trend in the European and American continents. But for us, this is only the beginning.
Bar SaVanh Lounge & Restaurant has spread its wings across town from the notorious Asian Heritage Row to the increasingly popular joint of Mont Kiara. Having been a subsisting fan of Bar SaVanh, I had mixed feelings towards the recent opening of its other door, better known as Bar SaVanh Too. Well, at least the name’s pretty cute.
How do you reproduce the charismatic air and vintage demeanor of an Indochinese Peninsula rainforest, especially when the first Bar SaVanh has done it so well?
So there I was at Plaza Mont Kiara with this teensy fear of feeling incredibly disappointed. Its exterior was almost unrecognizable; a relaxed, clean dining experience with white furniture and some foliage. But the sight of the stone warriors guarding the front doors tells me I’m at the right place. It was a complete transformation upon entrance, like your world spinning on an axis and sucking you into a parallel world. Lost is the sanitary sense of its exterior and gained is the majestic feel of, well, Bar SaVanh."

The Chinese New Year decorations have been put up ... nice!

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