Thursday, January 10, 2008

WIP at Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dinner time, pre-Zouk night out!
BSC or Bangsar Shopping Centre may not be as 'in' as BV2 or Pavilion or Gardens at Mid-Valley etc... but it still exudes a charm and loyalty that is only second to perhaps Jaya Supermarket at Section 14, PJ. There are only a few eateries here, Alexis, Chilis, Coca, La Bodega, Montes, Spring Hatsuhana Japanese, The Ming Room ... and now WIP, but they all range from good to very good.
WIP is located at G111 on the Ground Floor.
Tel: +603 2094 1789

This joint is operated by the same people who started 7ate9 and Souled Out. I recognised the man behind the bar immediately as the ex-manager of 7ate9, and said hi. The drinks here were as good ... nice Guinness on tap, and the Lychee Martini with a twist of Pandan was rather good too.

I arrived in time to share some of the gals' Pepperoni Pizza. Excellent!

The indian cuisine - Chicken tikka/tandoori, and Garlic Nan with spinach dip, was EVEN better!

The lamb kebab was dissapointing though, too dry, too small, and lacking in flavour.

Overall, very good. Stick to the indian dishes and the pizza... and its just a great place to chill out after a (short) week at work :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Heard it's the same owners as Souled Out...
Whye Mun

Anonymous said...
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natashakhm said...

Your food photography is quite good. These are self snap?

Julian Si said...

Mun - Thanks :-) I heard so as well, the northen indian dish was so good. Very tasty curry ala UK style, brings back memories ...

Natasha - Very kind of you. Yup self snap with an old Canon Ixus, nice and compact ... it does the job!