Friday, January 04, 2008

Dong Zen Temple @ Jenjarom, Banting (Klang) - Canon G9

One Saturday morning with my pop ...

I brought my Canon G9 along, and he took his Nikon D80. Here's our trip...

Dong Zen Temple is located at Jenjarom, in Banting, Klang. Just head off the Kesas at the Banting-Klang exit, and head towards Banting. The temple is signboarded clearly along the way, about 15 minutes from this Kesas exit.

Dad took these with his Nikon D80

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Wei Li said...

Bro, i found this section of your blog using google!

Anyway, I have never been to this place but I know there is a nice makan place nearby : steam squid and steam tofu!