Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yi Xin - Tim Sum and delicious desserts in Wan Chai, HK

Thanks to RF and AC for treating YSL, and us to a glorious timsum brunch at ... Yixin Restaurant in Wan Chai. The lady boss there was so friendly, and told us all about the history of her signature kun-tong-kao or giant dumpling as well :-)

Add: G/F Shanghai Industrial Investment Building
50 Hennessy Road , Wan Chai, HK
Tel: +852 2834 9963

Tim sum here is good, and service is excellent!

What would timsum be without siew mai :-) But for the life of me, I could not remember what these yakitori sticks were!
The lotus leaf rice was deeeeelish! The Char Siew was pretty good too :-)

We even ordered some century egg ... but Yung Kee's (Home of Roast Goose!) version is much yummier.

We didn't forget to have the Kun Tong Kao :-) also known as Shark-fin Dumpling in Broth. Actually, its more like broth in dumpling, cos' the soup is inside!

Pick up gently with the specially designed ladle which comes in the steamer-basket, and beware ... filling is hot. Very hot!

Yummm ... to end off a great meal, some chinese tim-sum style desserts. The ma-lai-koh and custard mini-paos were good, but the Char Nai (Literally translated, it means fried milk!) was divine.

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