Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abu Dhabi International Motorshow : AE86 is now the Toyota FT-86

Many remember the Toyota Corolla AE86 from 1983 as a classic drift car loved by drift fans, so much so that it inspired the cartoon and brilliant chinese film starring Jay Chou, Initial-D.
The speculation is over, the Japanese automaker Toyota has finally shown the world the highly anticipated successor to the original AE86 "Hachi Roku" with the FT-86 Concept. The old Toyota Corolla was celebrated for its lightweight fun to drive layout. The new project has previously been referred to as a Toyobaru because the affordable sports car was developed in collaboration with .

The FT-86 ("86" pronounced "hachi roku"), a compact rear-wheel-drive sports car, as described by Toyota - Compact design gives driver greater control, while body's lightness and low center of gravity allow racecar-like handling . Both power and environmental performance provided by 2-liter boxer engine and light body.

ps. Price estimated at USD$20K, I hope they produce it!

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