Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy 39th UAE Day, Abu Dhabi!

Hmmm, look what we spotted in Abu Dhabi over the weekend ... a huge bear on a Lexus LS460L, and an even larger one on a Hummer H3. What does all this mean!?

Happy UAE Day!

Revellers partied late into their night, all dressed up (Both themselves, their kids, and especially their cars and SUVs!) along the Corniche...

Yes, the UAE is 39 years old!

There were large vehicles ...

... as well as smaller ones! Yes, a SMART car!

Fireworks captured by my Nikon D80 and Tokina 12-24mm f/4 lens.

Beautiful fireworks, launched from what looked like a ship, which was docked between the Corniche and Marina Mall!

Did you know this about the UAE?
In 2010, the UAE's population was estimated at 8.19 million, of which just under 20% were UAE nationals or Emiratis, while the majority of the population were expatriates. The country's net migration rate stands at 22.98, the world's highest!

More fireworks ... which went on for 15 minutes!

The day after :-) Yes, more cars in UAE colours!

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