Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cafe Arabia - Child friendly and unique

Add: Villa #224/1 on 15th, between 2nd/Airport and 24th/Al Karamah
Located: Opposite Al Mushrif Children’s Park, near Choueifat School
Parking: Plenty available street-side, just outside the villa
Tel: +971 2 643 9699
Opening hours: Every day, 8am - 10pm (Updated info - 20th Jan 2011)

Found this map from American Womens Network of Abu Dhabi...

Yes, our new fave breakfast place :-) Very child-friendly too, good quality child-seat, and the staff are courteous, attentive and pleasant.

A savoury Full Arabian Breakfast ... 38 AED. Good stuff!

Express Arabian Breakfast ... 20 AED.

My fave dish here is the Full English Breakfast, 45 AED. Comes with coffee or cappucino or hot chocolate or tea ... fresh orange juice ... large basket of bread and preserves ... and a delicious platter :-) of halal goodies! I especially like that eggs can be prepared in the form of a vegetable omellette.

Skinny cafe mocha, 15 AED or Pure green tea, 10 AED ... take your pick.

Hamburger, 35 AED ... but I much prefer Jones'!

Just a great place to read the papers and chill out ... Can't think of many better places to spend a lazy weekend morning!


CUMI & CIKI said...

the big breakfast looks heavenly! why the mocha coffee design so ugly one.. LOL

Julian Si said...

I so agree. Skinny mocha, ugly "art"work. Heh heh!

Big breakies is yummy though!

ps - Wifey was so inspired , she made me a big breakfast at home this morning ... BLISS!

Sexymama said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for places which are child-friendly for breakfast!!! I found it's not so child-friendly in Jones so I always have to stick to La Brioche for breakfast when I bring my 22-month old son along. Shall try this out this weekend!!! :-)

Julian Si said...

Hello hello,

Yes, La Brioche is rather good. The One at Khalidiyah next to BMW is good too.

But we like Cafe Arabia ... best :-)

Glad that my "baby"/child-friendly place mentions are getting some attention ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Tried to call just now to find out their hours, and there was no answer! It is 8pm Friday evening....hoping the are open for breakfast by 8am??

Julian Si said...

Oooh, I think its opened at 8am, but I have never actually ventured to Cafe Arabia before 10am :-) Zzzzz!

Enjoy the food there :-)

Aida said...

Hi, thank you Julian.
Cafe Arabia is open 7 days a week from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm, there is much more than breakfasts...lunches and dinners.... All very healthy and yummy dishes.
The phones are still not as usual these days.....promising to fix phones but failing to deliver.....
All art work is for sale too..... Would love meeting you...
Pls ask staff to give you my card,

Julian Si said...

Hey Aida, good to hear from you.

We really enjoy your place ... will say hello next time.

ps. Nothing new there about Etisalat!!

Anonymous said...

Looks good, do they have goodies to sell also? saw an article on the weekend in the National with a gorg clutch bag from 'Cafe Arabia' next to mushy park? is that the one? Ta muchly, Lou

Julian Si said...

I haven't been back for a little while now - Try calling 2 643 9699, or better yet ask for Aida when you visit.

Its very possibly the same one!

ps - Enjoy the food!