Thursday, December 30, 2010

Honda Accord 2.4 - Record fuel economy!

Want to know how far you can stretch the fuel economy in a 2.4 litre Honda Accord (Automatic, with air-con on through-out the drive with 2 passengers in the car) ... Yes, over 800 km per full tank of gas!

This works out at ... 12.7 km/L = 35.6 MPG
This equates to 110 dirhams (Or RM$ 93) for 810 kilometres :-)

1) Mind you, petrol is RM$1.45 per litre here :-)
2) This road trip of over 800km included 2 round-trips to and fro Dubai, thus long-distance highway cruising.
3) When fighting start-stop traffic in the city, a tank of gas only lasts about 650 kilometres.

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Westport honda Accord said...

I was unknown about this capacity of Honda that you presented here. Really awesome for new generation drivers. Honda should continue this process to implement technically modern equipment to its models.