Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Meals at Eagleton Golf Resort Hotel, Bangalore

Here are some of the meals I had at Eagleton Golf Resort/Hotel, in Bangalore India ...

Quick sandwich when I arrived :-)

More room service! Aloo Ghobi, or Cauliflower and Potato curry on the left, and pilau rice on the right. Good stuff!

On another night it was room service of Briyani ... nice! Eaten with curd or yoghurt of course :-)

On one of the nights, we had a lavish buffet put out for us. I especially liked the Chaat.
Wikipedia describes this dish ... The quintessential Indian street food is Chaat—a generic name for a tangy and spicy mix, whose ingredients can be quite varied. The tangy flavor is usually imparted by the use of lemon, pomegranate seeds, Kala Namak (black salt), tamarind, and various chutneys. Chaat can be prepared with fruit, with popular ones including guava, banana, apple, melon, etc. It could instead be made using small crisp pancakes made from fried flour, called "paapri", along with yogurt.

More dinner time shots! Indian or chinese ... pseudo-chinese anyway!

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