Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mak Ngan Kee - Mak's Noodles legendary in Hong Kong

Mak Ngan Kee
77 Wellington Street
Hong Kong Island
Tel: +852 2854 3871

YSL had insisted again and again that we HAD to give this place a try ... and it was fantastic!

Proud open kitchen, bowls neatly stacked up, master at work :-)

Skilled wanton-maker at work!

foodwink.blogspot.com describes this place really well ...
The wonton noodles are thin and springy, and served in a small bowl the traditional way. Wonton dumplings at the base of the bowl prevent the noodles from being completely submerged in the soup, thereby retaining their springy texture longer. The prawn dumplings are equally delicious, with a small quantity of the dried shrimp roes to draw out the sweetness of the prawns.
And the soup? It is simply unforgettable. Made with fresh shrimp, dried shrimp roe, dried flounder and pork bones, it is rich with a strong hit of fish flavours. We also try their wonton noodles with dried shrimp roes. The roes are not as salty as we expect it to be but compliment the noodles very well.

YSL recommended the Har chee wantan mee ... Interesting prawn roe powder on the top, and it was good!

What 30 HKD buys you ...

Prepare to spend about 100 HKD for 2 persons, or RM$40. Even Anthony Bourdain and the New York Times love it!

And as I was walking away ... I turned back to have one last look at HK's finest wantan mee :-)

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