Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby and Mummy-friendly outlets - New category!

Welcome to a new category in my little blog ... Baby-friendly and mama-centric places to visit!

I first started off my Blog to capture (surprisingly, it wasn't actually food!) my first diving trip in 2006, family events, and then food reviews... and more food reviews... and even more food reviews, followed by car photos and reviews, cuti-cuti Malaysian getaways, as well as trips abroad in Asia, Europe and the US. Now, its time to introduce the latest category ... Baby :-)

What do I define as a mall or restaurant which is baby-friendly?

  • Changing rooms which are clean & well equipped
  • High-chair / Baby-seat available
  • Smoke-free
  • Less busy and noisy environment
  • Cheerful waiting staff
  • Hot water supply
  • Bowls & spoons for children
On a recent holiday in HK, we were genuinely impressed by how child-friendly Hong Kong was ... but International Financial Centre (IFC) is Number One!

Check out the Lane Crawford at IFC's Baby/ Changing Rooms! Yes ... free wet wipes :-)

And even free diapers, in 3 sizes!

How about a bottle warmer :-) So well thought out, brilliant!

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