Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pudu Jail as seen from Berjaya Times Square hotel

Here's the view from the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur ... photos were taken from the 18th or 23rd floor.

Hmmm, what do you think the boys are looking at :-)

Yes ... Pudu Jail! Build of this magnificent piece of history started in 1891, and completed in 1895. It served as a prison until 2007.

Some recent events ...
In June 2009, the government finally decided to destroy the complex by developing it in phases. When the MP for Bukit Bintang Fong Kui Lun (DAP) asked why the building is not being retained as part of Malaysia's heritage, Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussain (UMNO-BN) replied: "To our opinion, it's not something to be proud of."
And, June 2010, the eastern wall of the Pudu Prison complex was destroyed to make way for a road widening project.

Good bye, Pudu ...

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