Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wrestling Pusit and dinner at Cebu Restaurant, Khalidiyah - Abu Dhabi

Anybody for some WRESTLING Pusit!!? Duh ...

Here's my second visit to Cebu Restaurant, in Khalidiyah, not far from the famous Lebanon Flower Grill. Thanks to a local expert, we ordered many more dishes this time, my little treat for SM, GB, BK, SS as a celebration in finally finding somewhere to rent!

Fish with sweet and sour-ish sauce ...

Besides the Beef Stew and really delicious Fried Chicken below, we also had Calamari, Shrimps, fried noodles and more! I loved the Bulalo or Beef Soup ... mmmmh!
Price was approx 40 AED a head, but that was only cos' we ordered SO MUCH food, if you order more reasonably, prices are between 20-30 AED per head. Good value, and good food!
ps - Here's a previous review visit to this Filipino restaurant located in Khalidiyah.

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