Friday, August 07, 2009

Jalan Alor has arrived in KLIA - KL's International Airport!

I wasn't hungry ... but I could not resist, this signboard of a new eatery at KLIA (Malaysia's International Airport in Kuala Lumpur) drew me in! I am sure everyone knows how much I love eating in Jalan Alor in KL city centre !

Cafe: Jalan Alor - Malaysian Street Food
Located: KLIA

After you place your order, they give you this little gadget ...

Take a seat, when your gadget BEEPS, go to the Pick Up Counter. Its as easy as that!

Here's my 12 ringgit, Kai See Hor Fun aka Ipoh Chicken Noodles.

Alas ... it was hardly impressive, and certainly NOT deserving of the name of Jalan Alor!


Jo said...

My exact sentiments. Even their coffee sucks.

Anonymous said...

where is this Jalan Alor is, not notice any within KLIA?

Julian Si said...

Sorry its been a long while now, I can't remember its exact location - I remember it was "upstairs"!

Try -