Sunday, August 23, 2009

Golden Fork, Khalidiya - Thai chicken, Teriyaki chicken and Beef curry

Freebies are hard to come by here in expensive Abu Dhabi ... but I am glad Golden Fork at Khalidiyah still gives out some noodle-soup and toast as complimentary starters :-)

Hmmm ... rather decent, but overly strong tasting (Salty!) Thai-style Chicken. This came with a generous serving of plain rice.

Beef curry ... way too gingery! Again, served with rice. Hmm... SM and myself had a lot of rice tonight!

Finally ... we shared the Teriyaki chicken with Noodles (Seemed like instant noodles, but what the heck ... it was actually OK!). Rather salty, but you get used to that!

Most of the dishes above cost between 15-20 AED (Roughly RM$15) which is good value considering this is Abu Dhabi! Total cost for the 2 of us was under 65 AED.

ps - A shot of the local Khalidiyah Mall on the 2nd night of Ramadan, just as the locals were breaking fast ... It was quiet!

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