Thursday, August 06, 2009

Delicious breakfast at Trident Hotel, Mumbai - India

This is the Trident Hotel ... peaceful, posh, refined, and under heavily armed guard when I visited recently (Hillary Clinton was in the nearby Taj, at the majestic Gateway of India).

Events from 26th November 2008 were still clear in my mind, when gunmen took control of the Oberoi Trident (A complex of two hotels which are interlinked), where at least 32 staff and guests were killed over the 3 day siege. The security was extensive, car checks, x-ray scans for bags and guests, and a sniffer dog too! More about the dog in a later blog ;-)
Anyway, I always look forward to breakies ... Here's my indian selection. Goooood!
And even better .. an English fry-up. Deeeeeelicious!
I especially like the fresh cold buttery butter served here at Frangipani.

I was very happy!

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