Saturday, August 08, 2009

Best fajitas in Abu Dhabi? NRG - Le Meridien

Occassionally, I like to spoil myself at Le Meridien, at the Tourist Club Area of Abu Dhabi. There's a great english pub, with happy hour from 5-7pm, pulling pints of VB, Stella, Fosters etc at only AED 17 per pint!

Then we head to NRG ... a sports bar that gives out free Sol beer with each Fajita ordered :-)

My choice ... I love the FAJITAS here, mix of chicken and tender beef, decent value at AED 54. SM chose the beef in oyster sauce (right photo), tasted really yummy too.


gfad said...

Fajitas looks great! Sizzling and smoky!

The mexican place at Khalidyah Mall is also nice (can't remember the name now!) but it's unlicensed. Pity. Virgin margaritas just don't cut it!! :D

Julian Si said...

Thanks! It tasted GRrrrrreat!

Hmm, I have walked past the Mexican at K Mall many many times, but never tried it ... Will endeavour to go before year's end and review it too!

Thanks for the tip :-)