Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicken Rice - Hin Kee, near Wisma Harp Soon Klang

Chicken Rice Shoot-out ... The 2nd Contender
There was a time some weeks ago... some months ago in fact, when we were on a Chicken Rice Frenzy, so we went to some of the best known outlets as well as some lesser known ones. Here are four of them!

Near: Adjacent to Petronas Petrol Station - 155D Jalan Meru, Klang

Location: Hmmm ... the only landmark I can see is the building on the right-hand side of the photo below, Wisma Harp Soon.

This was recommended by BG's cousin, and it turned out to be ...

... simply average! BUT, what impressed me was the price. I couldn't quite remember how much, but it was cheeeeeap!

Decent, but ain't didn't leave us with a ... WOW!

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