Monday, August 24, 2009

The perfect Thai breakfast in Krabi - Porridge near McDonalds

Located: Near McDonalds, along Krabi's main beach road. Not far from the Sheraton.

Street-side Thai food doesn't get much better then this breakfast we had ... we could smell the dough, we heard the oil cracking and poppin, we had to get some of these Mini Yau Char Kueys! 2 Baht each, or 20 Malaysian cents :-)

And here's what we ate it with ... 20 Baht worth of Chicken Porridge with a generous sprinkling of shredded ginger and an egg inside that simply cooks in the porridge's heat! Eaten under a straw hut, perfect :-) So gooooooooood! The perfect Thai breakies ;-)

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Thailand Breeze said...

We call that porridge [Jauk] and the mini Yau Char Kueys [Pa-Tong-Goh].

They taste the best when you eat them while they're still warm.

Nice photos & great suggestions!