Monday, August 24, 2009

Simple seafood restaurant in Krabi - Next door to Esan

Located: Next door to Esan Seafood, on the other side of the beach, past the tourist police.

Our online research showed that Esan was regularly recommended by locals as having excellent Thai food, serving a wide range of northern and southern specialities. However, it wasn't opened when we arrived for an early dinner, before 6pm on our last evening in Krabi. So we ate next door ...

Phew... glad they had Khao Niaow Ma Muang (Thai mango with sticky rice), our preferred dessert :-) Slurp, had to feature this first, though we had it last! Heh heh...

Simple is good!

Mmmh... another large bottle of Thai Heineken, fabulously chilled and much needed! 110 Baht? Well worth it!

The fish was recommended strongly, and despite it only costing 250 THB (About RM$25), we were slightly dissapointed as there was a slight bitter fishy taste to it. Nevertheless, the method of cooking with lime and other spices, including fish sauce I reckon, was good.

Pad Phak Luam - Glad I could still remember some Thai, stir fried mixed veges. We enjoyed this, full of "wok hei" or fire!

Best dish wasn't the Tom Yum Koong ...

But in fact turned out to be the Khai Yang (Grilled Chicken), simple tasty perfection!
ps. Overall, the meal came up to about the same price as the smaller dinner we had at Wangsai Seafood the night before. I would say the quality isn't as good as Wangsai, but its a close second :-)


Anonymous said...

hey i've been here too! 2 nights out of 4 spent in krabi. really nice fish and reasonable. hi jules!!!! *waves frantically from home soil* ~ paparazzi prodigy

Julian Si said...

AH!!!! My dear Paparazzi Prodigy ... What a cool coincidence :-)

E San Thai Kitchen said... in PJ u also can have nice E San Thai food..we are here :))