Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Hour Mojitos and Tiger Beer - The new WIP, BSC Bangsar

WIP has always been one of our favourite drinking holes ... The new WIP looks fabulous, but I didn't seem to see DJ John that evening.

Everyone thought it was Goreng Pisang, it turned out to be KT's Fish and Chips!

Calamari was a little off initially ... Quickly sent it back, and they efficiently and politely changed it for us.

The Hawaiian pizza me thinks... Decent.

EL's fave, Tofu balls!

The deep fried chicken wings were rather good ...

BUT... we weren't really there to eat. The food was only there to "sustain" our drinking abilities, here's the REAL meal ... The drinks!
Mojito ... At Happy Hour prices! Just go before 7pm :-)

I stuck to ... Tiger of course ;-) Buy one get one free. Nice!

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550ml jar of faith said...

Happy Hour Mojitos!! Could this be the one thing that redeems the bad widespread food encounters at WIP??