Thursday, August 06, 2009

A drive through Mumbai, India

Bridge under construction ... I have to say that Mumbai has improved tremendously since my first visit 5 years ago, both in terms of the road quality as well as the cleanliness. Pity there seem to be even MORE cars now!

Weather was oK initially, but that changed quickly!

It was another wet and blustery day in ... Mumbai

Deepak Rao is some guy who has ESP powers and does corporate training ... uh ... OK!
Tata Motor's Indica ... The first passenger motorcar produced by India's famous Tata company, first launched in 1998, and an amazing success story locally. There was originally a V1 and V2 version, and the new Vista was launched last year, but I don't remember seeing one amongst all the millions of cars! The traffic in Mumbai is at best ... TERRIBLE!

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