Friday, August 28, 2009

Up (Pixar, 2009) - Best the studio has produced.. To date!

I eagerly await each and every Pixar release ... and was fortunate enough to have been home just in time for the latest release UP! Turned out to be my FAVOURITE Pixar film to date, with my personal Top 3 being:-

1) Up
2) Monsters Inc
3) Finding Nemo

Embarassingly, I have yet to actually watch Wall-E, Ratatouille and Cars, so I shall reserve my comments for these till a later date :-)

Worldwide gross numbers below are as of the end of June, 2009.

Budget: USD$ 175M
Worldwide Gross (so far, it was only released weeks ago!): USD$ 396M The best! Magnificent effort from Pixar ... Moving, funny, excellent script, characters and music. It will take something very special to better this :-)

Wall-E: 2008
Budget: USD$ 180M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 533M

Ratatouille: 2007
Budget: USD$ 150M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 624M

Cars: 2006
Budget: USD$ 120M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 462M

The Incredibles: 2004
Budget: USD$ 92M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 636M Hilarious, rib-ticklingly so. Love this!

Finding Nemo: 2003
Budget: USD$ 94M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 866M As a diver, this takes some beating. What a wonderfully moving movie, simply magnificent. My third favourite of the lot!

Monsters, Inc: 2001
Budget: USD$ 115M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 529M This was my personal favourite for a looooong time, until UP came along! Superb characters, simply brilliant.

Toy Story: 1999
Budget: USD$ 90M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 485M Could never top the first installment, seems there will be a third chapter in Toy Story soon.

A Bug's Life: 1998
Budget: USD$ 45M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 364M Good, but lacked the wow factor I reckon.

Toy Story: 1995
Budget: USD$ 30M
Worldwide Gross: USD$ 362M A pure classic, this is where it all began ... To infinity and beyond, Pixar is certainly getting there!

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