Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cebu Restaurant - Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi

Location: Cebu Restaurant, Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Heh heh ... Jeep ni Salem!

My choice ... a rather salty, but tasty Curry Chicken. I think I paid 20 AED for it, but it was enough for two meals, and the plain steamed rice cost 4 AED.

Khaleej Times Online
Salem Al Nagbi is an Emirati with a difference! The 36-year-old businessman speaks not only Tagalog fluently, but also theCebuano dialect. And he has a penchant for things which relate to the Philippines and the Filipino community.
Al Nagbi, addressed as ‘Big Brother’ by his Filipino employees and friends, has made investments in enterprises that target the Filipino community, in general, such as restaurants, a radio station, a party organiser and an events management company that has already brought famous artistes such as Gary Valenciano to the UAE.
His ‘Pinoy Atin to’ (Filipinos, This is Ours) programme at Dubai Eye is very popular, particularly the segment on Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) and Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA), where Filipinos can air their concerns to attract the attention of the Philippine officials.
One of Al Nagbi’s imports from the Philippines is a jeepney, which is parked in front of a restaurant in the Khalidiya area in Abu Dhabi.
A ride in the jeepney — an indigenous mode of public transport in the Philippines – during his visit to the Philippines in 1992 had thrilled Al Nagbi so much that he placed an order with Francisco Motors Company, a large manufacturer of jeepneys in the Philippines, and arranged for it to be shipped to Abu Dhabi in 2001.
“This is the only one (of its kind) in the Middle East,” Al Nagbi said of the jeepney. Its engine is powered by Mazda and it runs on diesel.
“There’s a Filipino mechanic in Mussafah who services it regularly,” he elaborated.
The jeepney was commissioned in 2002 for the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. ‘Jeep ni Salem’ (Salem’s jeep), as it is named, was put on display at Hiltonia and appropriately bedecked with pictures of the Philippine presidents to commemorate the event.
After its two-month stint at Hiltonia, it was returned to its original spot at Al Nagbi’s office in Salam Street where it continued to attract attention for five years.
Three years ago, it was relocated to Khalidiyah – where it presently stands — when Al Nagbi opened his ‘Cebu Restaurant’.
Since then the jeep has been a local attraction to a restaurant bearing the name of a tourism hub in
the Philippines.
It seems to have served its purpose as curious passersby stop to enquire and pose for a quick snap with ‘Jeep ni Salem’.
“It’s not only Filipinos who take pictures, there are also other nationalities,” boasts Al Nagbi.
“Seeing the jeepney here in Abu Dhabi definitely puts a smile on any Filipino’s face. And as long as its purpose is being served, the ‘jeepney’ is here to stay,” Al Nagbi stated.


jackie said...

hi can you pls. tell me the exact location of the cebu restaurant. we tried to look for it but no luck at all. tnx.

Julian Si said...

Hmmm ... OK try this. Head to Khalidiyah.

There's a ADCB Bank building across the road from Sheraton.

Go behind the ADCB Bank, and you will see Choithram across the small road. Don't head towards Choithram, instead head left down the road (with the rear of ADCB being on your left).

Just walk down that road, about 3 or 4 blocks, past Lebanon Flower Grill. And CEBU is there :-)


loveyouvery said...

Is it still there near Cebu?

Julian Si said...

I believe the restaruant is still there, drove past / near it over the weekend and saw "Cebu".

But I didn't look out for the jeep-ney so I am not sure if the vehicle is still parked there, perhaps NOT with Mawaqif taking over!!

Big Brother said...

the jeep-ney is in Khor Fakkan Now
co'z i zm from Khor fakkan

Big Brother said...

hello all
i am Mr. Salem Big Brother
i am the owner of the Jeep-ney
The Jeep-ney Now is in My Home in Khor Fakkan

Anonymous said...

Cebu Restaurant is in Khalidiya Daratul mia.. its near the mosque. If u know where MADI bldg is (khalidiya) just go straight on the opposite side then u will see the restaurant

Mark Sellers said...

Hello Big Brother. Do you still have that unique jeepney? Is there any chance it could be used for a wedding? Msellers@hct.ac.ae

Julian Si said...

Mark Sellers - May want to pop by at Cebu and ask the people there. I haven't been for years now!!

Big Brother said...

Just text me at
055 6 212 678