Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WAW Grilled Chicken Wings - Jalan Alor, KL

A well used, well oiled (from chicken wing fat!) machine ...

WAW chicken wings, or Wong Ah War, is an institution along a road that is a foodie institution, Jalan Alor, in KL. A trip home is incomplete without stopping over here, and BM, bbG and myself couldn't resist one night .. for dinner! has an interesting perspective of this place ...
Located in the heart of downtown KL, Jalan Alor — once notorious as a seedy red light district – is now a food haven casually known as “Wai Sek Kai,” which literally means Glutton Road in Cantonese. When night falls, Jalan Alor turns into a giant open-air hawker center with coffee shops and food stalls serving all sorts of Malaysian street food delicacies; seafood, snacks, fruits, etc. Having so many great choices, the biggest issue of conscience you face is whether your stomach is big enough to accommodate the vast array of foods available. Jalan Alor is truly a foodie mecca!
When I think of Jalan Alor, Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings naturally comes to mind. These chicken wings are famous; indeed, this flagship delight of Jalan Alor has now crossed the ocean and landed on the menu of FATTY CRAB (not that Fatty Crab in KL, one of the hottest new restaurants in New York City. Once a resident of KL, Chef Zak Pelaccio launched this Malaysian joint to pay homage to the phenomenal food culture of Malaysia (finally, someone is doing justice to Malaysian food!).

I like the noods here! Espesh the 2nd dish ... Siew Yoke Meen.

Not sure if this helped after all the healthy food, but we had some veges too! :-)

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