Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Tiao & Posh Tao Fu Fah at Food Republic, Pavilion KL

Never thought I would see a stand-alone stall called You Tiao selling ...
1) Yau Char Kuey,
2) Soya bean and Tau Fu Fah, and
3) Porridge
... in Pavilion KL!

Located at Food Republic, Lot 1.41.00 ... Posh'ish display means strong heater/down-lights and glass display cabinets!

Roadside, Pavilion-side, same same lah ... comes in a huge cauldron. Served with a simple flat spoon. Brown-sugar or white-sugar juice, take your pick.

Its actually really good ;-)

ps - Haha, RM$3.20 for Tau Fu Fah!? Times have changed ... I still miss Funny Mountain, Ipoh though! Ranked as my FAVOURITE EATERY in 2007!!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

its amazing how we sometimes pay close to triple the price if we ate it outside hor?

happy new year!

mimid3vils said...

good as afternoon tea snack :)

HAPPY 2010!!!

Julian Si said...

Joe - So right, man! But convenient lar ... Prices had been going up anyway, for this "commodity" since Jenny Hong came to play outside Jaya Supermarket some years ago ... then there is THIS now!

Mimid3vils - HAPPPPPY 2010 :-)