Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fatburger - Now available at Dubai Mall

My first visit to ... Fatburger
Add: Dubai Mall, Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai
Near: Al Doha Street
Opening hours: Sun-Wed 10am - 10pm, Thu-Sat 10am - Midnight

35 AED for a Double Fat, which includes a Coke. Not cheap... But surely it must be good, right?

Each burger is cooked to order (Our order took about 5-10 minutes), but they do not ask if you want it rare, medium or well-done, simply how many meat patties (Tasted very ordinary!), and any extras eg. Bacon, mushrooms - All chargeable! The bun was rather dissapointing, very blahhhh...

EVERYTHING is optional ... Cheese is an extra 4 AED, and Onion Rings, an extra 12 AED!
I chuckled when they didn't charge us for the pickled chilli, nor for the sauces!

The worst part ... The damage! RM$50 for the above, yikes! Besides having the burger cut in half, and having it served on a ceramic plate, there was hardly anything else to distinguish this from ANY other burger chain :-(
ps. Fatburger calls itself, The Last Great Hamburger Stand ... I disagree!

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