Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shawarma shoot-out ... Shater Hassan v Lebanon Flower Grill, Abu Dhabi

Top spot ... Best Shawarmas in Abu Dhabi!
Drum roll .... Lebanese Flower Grill restaurant, located near Lamborghini showroom in Muroor. Its 1 AED more then Shater Hassan (See below), but its also slighty bigger, with more filling, and most importantly ... tastier!

Spicy chicken Shawarma ... Delicious!

"Meat" shawarma ... I think its beef! 6 AED (RM$5.50). Its so good, juicy and tasty, I actually think its even tastier then my previously favourite Spicy Chicken variety :-)

Second best!
Shater Hassan Restaurant, Muroor
Previous writeup: Detailed review of one of my favourite local eateries!
Location: Go down Muroor Road, pass Al Falah Plaza, at the traffic lights turn left. Shater Hassan is located on the left side of this road.

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