Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Hungary post - Only Italian food, and brilliant customer service at Chinese takeaway!

Last Hungary post ... I promise!!

Chinese food :-) from a Buffet-style Takeaway in Gyongyos... There's only one in town, you can't miss it if you drive around :-) Near the large church. Its called Hualong Kinai Gyorsbufe.

Or pseudo-oriental type food in Hotel Anna at Matrafured?

Ah... much better, Cammabert Cheese (deep-fried, slurp!) with Jam on the side. We liked this, a lot!

Some nights, we chose to eat out ...

Its Italian in Gyongyos village of course :-)

Its soup ... Mussels :-)
Penne arabiatta :-) And ... a simple and delicious Aglio Olio ...

Or ... more oriental on other nights?
When we stepped into this humble eatery at Gyongyos, it was like stepping into some cina person's living room :-)

Sure ... the food was only mediocre, but the lovely service with a smile and very keen prices more then made up for it!! Szechuan-style, Sweet and sour, Black bean sauce was the story of the day :-)
More batter and deep fried prawns!

Most "oriental" dish at Hotel Anna - Mexican turkey strips :-) Delicious! The kiev-like porky cutlets were good too.

Water or beer? You decide ... hic ;-)

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