Friday, December 04, 2009

Budapest as seen by my Nikon D80 - Buda Castle

A walk through Budapest on a wintery autumn weekend :-) with my Nikon D80

Public transport

The parliament

Another interesting building, loved the walls!

Busy Budapest!

More random shots :-)

Various views of Buda Castle ... Overlooking the city from the top of Buda Castle

A banner flown by a little aeroplane!

The many "faces" of Buda Castle!
An old aquaduct

Buda Castle (Hungarian: Budai Vár, Turkish: Budin Kalesi) is the historical castle complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest, Hungary, first completed in 1265. In the past, it was also called Royal Palace (Hungarian: Királyi-palota) and Royal Castle (Hungarian: Királyi Vár).

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Anonymous said...

Went to Budapest about 2 mo ago. It was very nice weather.
Should have looked at the Michelin guide for recommended restaurents- prices were very reasonable. So are their famous wines- they like more full bodied reds. Also went to this Jap restaurent beside Four Seasons- what a rip off. The chef was Thai. Nice pics and blog.