Monday, December 21, 2009

Lufthansa Business Lounge at Frankfurt Main, Germany

Travel tip ... Even with Lufthansa Miles and More "Silver card", and travelling cattle ... oops Coach / Economy class, one can use the Business Lounge at Frankfurt Main. No where else in the world ... but at the "home base" of Frankfurt I guess!
My Shure 110's and Javelin ... company for 3 hours of transit time!
Beer... on the tap ... two varieties. Both equally decent.

Yanked out my G9 and took a couple of close-up shots ...

Hmmm ... interesting bread roll and leaves!

Next thing you know it ... you are back "home".
ps - That surely is the end of my Hungary posts!!

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ciki said...

i was gonna say, looks better than the golden lounge on MAS but I didnt wanna be rude.. to MAS :P