Monday, December 28, 2009

Gin and Tonic - Tanqueray Ten

What's the perfect after-work drink?
Gotta be a gin and tonic ... but what gin? Not Gordon's, nor Bombay ... my favourite has to be Tanqueray. And the king of Tanquerays is ... The Ten. I have seen it sold in Bangsar pubs for 350-400 RM per bottle, over 700 RM at Marriott Harbour Dubai, or do what I do ... pay RM$130 for it at Abu Dhabi Duty Free. Nuff said :-)
No. 10 Tanqueray's foray into the super-premium gin market. Launched in 2000, its target market is directly into your martini glass. The majority of Tanqueray is actually produced in Cameronbridge, Scotland, despite its London Dry Gin label. The phrase “London Dry Gin” actually refers to the distillation process. Now, all of the No. 10 product is produced in Great Britain by the “Tiny Ten” still, which is from where No. 10’s name is derived. Honestly, I figured the name was a result of the master distiller’s first taste when he may have exclaimed “I’d give it a 10.” As far as gins go, this one is as close to a 10 as I have experienced.

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