Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Penang Cafe, KLCC - This used to be good!

Lil penang cafe restaurant, KLCC
Level: 4th floor
Lot number: 409-411

It had been many years since my uni buddies (and their little ones!) would have met up with me, so we chose a "Malaysian-y" restaurant for this meeting. Boy did I pick the WRONG restaurant!

Food was so blah ... Cooked without passion, and the service was terrible. There were many staff members, but they didn't seem to pay attention to any of the clients!

The Pie-T's at Chicken Rice Shop are even better then at this eatery ... Eeep!

The noodle dishes were equally poor!

Don't know why we bothered ... but we wanted to give it one more go, but blah ... the desserts were equally poor.

ps - Snippets of Christmas at KLCC ...

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