Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Hungarian food! Eating in Kekes Etterem, Gyongyos and more places...

Its been a long while (by my standards!) since I last posted or updated my blog, but it has been a very special time in my life :-) Anyway, this and the next post will complete my Hungarian-series. I shall let the photos (and my tummy) do the talking...

This was the poshest meal we had in Hungary ... Kekes Etterem.
Add: Kékes Étterem. 3200 Gyöngyös, Fő tér 7 , Hungary
Tel: +36 37 311 915

Starters and Goulash soup ... Ah... nice!! What a deep bowled dish, that was a lotta soup!

My Goulash-style sauce with Porky Chop :-)

Anyone wants some ROOSTER TESTICLEs!?

This is ... Gyongyos :-)

More Italian food :-) Some nights we ate out ...

And ... more good local beer :-) Hic!

And on other nights we ate at the more "humble" .. Hotel Anna!


Anonymous said...

*Saliva dripping* Really nice blog. Enjoy reading it, especially those nice pictures. Keep it up with the great job.


Julian Si said...

Thanks :-)