Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tien Tien Lai Seafood, Setapak

Tien Tien Lai Seafood is located in the heartlands of Setapak, not far from Tasik Titiwangsa and what was the Eye On Malaysia. Here's a previous review of our visit to this eatery. It's a humble eatery, located off the beaten track.

Choice of veges ... plenty of "fire" or "wok hey"!

The signature dish... Sweet and Sour fish.

Sweet and Sour Pork - I much prefer the ones served at Dynasty Hotel and Chow Yang in SS2 PJ!

Full of flavour ... Kung Poh Deer Meat. So tender!

Chicken with Onion Rings ... Interesting!

Very sweet ... Seaweed soup. The dreaded MSG perhaps!? Hmm...

Ma Po To Fu - Average, sauce was a little too tomato-ey.

Finally ... tasty, and rather mild (Not so bitter, thank goodness!) Bitter Gourd Omellette.

Thanks once again to bro SK for the treat :-) RM$180 for all the above, or RM$20 a person. Good value!

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